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Physiotherapy at the Kitzbühel Lodge

Relieve pain before it even starts

You demand a lot from your body on a daily basis. Sleep disturbances, stress and a lack of exercise are often additional burdens and can cause tension and pain. You can’t afford to have chronic pain or physical injuries; however, these are often the result of neglected symptoms. This is why it is important to recognise and treat the body's warning signs.

During your stay at the Kitzbühel Lodge we want to give you the chance to do something good for yourself and your body. Take advantage of our individual diagnosis and therapy sessions with an experienced physiotherapist.

  • Diagnosis and consultation in our house
    Diagnosis and consultation in our house
  • Physiotherapy in the Kitzbühel Lodge
    Physiotherapy in the Kitzbühel Lodge
  • Counteract back pain
    Counteract back pain

We all know how important it is to keep your body and soul in harmony so that you don’t lose this balance when things get stressful, but it’s not that easy to find the time to do this during our everyday lives. During your stay with us at the Kitzbühel Lodge, we want to give you time to rediscover your balance and recharge your batteries, even after your stay.

Less stress and more serenity every day

Centuries-old yoga techniques are a proven method for self-discovery and a sustainable improvement in body awareness and well-being. The holistic philosophy of Indian yoga teaching describes the body and soul as a single unit which is to be understood and treated as a whole. Yoga combines physical activation and strengthening with meditation exercises, or mental training with relaxation-promoting breathing techniques. Positive internal attitude changes are reflected externally. For more composure, energy and vitality in everyday life.

Beginners and advanced yoga courses

The Kitzbühel Lodge offers private lessons or group courses with our experienced yoga teachers. The courses are aimed at beginners and advanced participants. Let our trainers advise you on the course that best suits your needs - and look forward to a new outlook on life!