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Wellness week in Kitzbühel

Health workshops and lectures on-site

Want more energy and vitality that you can use in your everyday life long after your stay at the Kitzbühel Lodge? Want to actively do something for the well-being of your body and soul, but you don’t want waste any more energy on fitness trends and diets? Everything is about health, nutrition and quality of life during the health weeks from April to June. As a guest at the Kitzbühel Lodge you are invited to participate in these versatile workshops run by renowned experts.

More energy in your everyday life - a better quality of life for your body and soul

As a participant, you will learn interesting facts and tips for your everyday life which you can then use at home to improve your general well-being. The focal topics range from meditation training to personal nutritional advice and the right training for weight loss as well as practical stress management.

Use your time at the Kitzbühel Lodge to focus on your health and well-being. We are happy to support you!


KCC Health week with Carmen Drebinger 08. - 13.04.2018
10. - 12.05.2018
01. - 03.06.2018
09. - 13.07.2018
KCC Health week with Kim Fleckenstein 15. - 19.04.2018
17. - 21.06.2018
16. - 20.07.2018
KCC Health week with Mag. phil. Franz Mühlbauer 22. - 27.04.2018
24. - 29.06.2018
22. - 27.07.2018
KCC Health week with Veronika Zanier 30.04. - 04.05.2018
04. - 08.06.2018
02. - 06.07.2018
KCC Health week with Frau Mag. Schlinter & Frau Eigl 11. - 15.06.2018